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Is simplicity the key to a happy life?

Is simplicity the key to a happy life?

It’s a fact: Our lifestyles are getting more complicated and fast paced every passing day. Every generation lament how life was better and simpler in the old days. How society is losing its grip of the niceties of yesterday.

Sure, I get it! Like all single parents, the constant juggle between kids, my job and having any semblance of “me” time is a constant balancing act, where one little blip on the radar can throw it into a state of chaos.

I am no expert, but here is a quick list of things that are helping me move towards a happy life:

  • Define what you want your life to be. For me, it’s a simple, uncomplicated, happy life that I get to share with my kids. Nothing more, nothing less. The key is to identify things in your life you can rid yourself of that stand in the way of that goal.

  • It’s not selfish to take “me” time. If you can’t work on finding some happiness for yourself, how can you make those around you happy? Call it self-discovery, personal reflection time… does not matter…but make some time every day dedicated to yourself. Those around you will thank you!

  • Value who you are, not what you do.

  • We all need to work, well, most of us. Find something you are passionate about, take some chances to chase a career that is fun and fulfilling. It’s not a sin to enjoy what you do. And put it this way, if you are smiling at work, imagine how much you will be glowing when spending quality time with friends and family.

  • Don’t over-schedule yourself or your kids. We all need some down time. By simplifying schedules, it allows us to mentally and physically take a break. I find this helps me become more creative, and I get some of my best ideas this way. It also allows you to just “be” with friends and family. These are times to be valued!

  • Sometimes you just have to let things slide. Nothing is permanent and forever. To have your present and future clouded by your past really makes NO sense. You can’t change history, but if you hold on to it, it sure as hell can change your present and future. Who wants that???

In a complicated world, simplicity can be the key. Sometimes we all just need to stop and take it all in. If you don’t, you just might miss some really cool stuff.

I am nowhere near where I want to be, but hopefully I’m getting there. Hit me back with any key’s you guys are using. Would love to know more!

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