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Turning Trepidation into Inspiration

Turning Trepidation into Inspiration. Bring it!

In the last couple of weeks, my professional life has taken a major shift. What I once relied on is no longer, and initially, it filled me with fear and..... well, trepidation!

After marinating, and meditating on this major shift, it got me thinking. 1000's of people world-wide deal with a change in the direction of their careers, and their lives. So, too, must I. How do they do it? will I do it? Will I be OK? What's next?

Here are a couple of things that I am doing that I hope will help those in a similar situation change trepidation to inspiration:

  1. Look forward with no regrets: The deed is done. No amount of looking backwards can change what has happened. It’s time to get to work and plan out your next professional move, and that’s exciting.

  2. Don't let the change define you: Look, people have career changes all the time. Be it a transfer, a move, a retrenchment......whatever it is......and go onto thrive. Sometimes it’s not a good fit, but that does not mean you are any less outstanding at what you do. I know I am still good at what I do, and I trust I will continue to be that way.

  3. Hit the re-set button: Take some time to work out what is really important to you. You have been given a chance to change your focus, and realign your passions. Get after it!

  4. Embrace the excitement: I have found my motivation is at an all-time high, and that I have re-established my "career clarity". The potential is limitless, and I can now set my own agenda. I'm stoked.

  5. Learn from it: Know exactly what you want from your career. Whatever it was that saw the direction change, make sure not to repeat that mistake again. Stay true to yourself, your goals and the set of parameters that you need to enjoy and expand what you do. I made this mistake, but I am grateful that I have learnt from that. it won’t happen again.

  6. Do it your way: Don't be scared to know what you want, and to relay those to who you work with. Of course, it can be a two-edged sword (that led to my change of course) but both edges are fine. If you can work in those parameters, then you have found a great "environment for success" that will allow you to bloom and develop, and if you can't work under those parameters, then it is probably a nice red flag that it might not be a professional fit for you.

I tell my clients and athletes that fear can be turned into a great motivator, and when harnessed, can take you to levels you have never been before. Trepidation of change is's a normal human instinct and reaction, but by embracing it, and finding its positives, can be exactly the thing that you have needed.

This is only but a chapter in your book of life. The whole book has not yet been written, and now, you really have a chance to write the coming chapters the way you like. Get moving and do it!

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