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Brett Esser Welcome To SAP!

Brett Esser Welcome To The Team!

“I am so happy to be working with Brett as a partner in Summit Action Sports, and to continue our professional and personal relationship for years to come. Brett was one of the hardest working and most professional riders I have worked with in my 20 years as a coach. Not only supremely talented, Brett is an even better role model, mentor and coach for those kids coming into our program. Brett is unique within the coaching environment. He has seen it all as a successful pro for over 12 years, and has a great understanding and the ability to relay concepts through his years of working with some great coaches like Jim Smith and Brady McNeill. What an incredible opportunity for the next generation to work with a guy like this.” - Ben Boyd

Brett Esser was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa, learning to ride on the local Sundown Mountain that only produced 420 ft of vertical! It was obvious at an early age that Brett had potential, and his parents and family made the decision to get him to Colorado as a 11-year-old so he could grow his talent

He rode with the Team Summit Program, run by revered coach Jim Smith, riding with the likes of Zach and Jake Black, Dylan and Clair Bidez and a host of other great riders. This saw Brett improve greatly in both his riding and competition results.

Brett started working with Ben Boyd as a 15-year-old. He had already received his first entries into pro events in both Slopestyle and Half Pipe, and he made a commitment to juggling school and a full-time career as a snowboarder.

Brett is truly one professional rider that excelled in both slopestyle and half pipe. He had multiple podiums in the US Grand Prix in Slopestyle, as well as winning the Burton Canadian Open. He finished top 5 in the Dew Tour twice in half pipe, and took 4th in the X Games as well. Brett was also a member of the US Half Pipe Team, competing in multiple world cups and world championships.

In the past few years, Brett has continued his career filming backcountry segments for his sponsors, and working part time as a coach with Method 4 Life Academy.

Brett made the conscious decision to retire from pro snowboarding to give back to the next generation. He is one of the few riders to be considered world class in both Slopestyle and Half Pipe. He has dealt with everything a pro snowboarder encounters, from injuries, to competition, dealing with sponsors and the filming aspect of the sport.

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