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Our athlete philosophies are:

  • Respect - For others, the sport of snowboarding and most importantly, themselves

  • Teamwork - Even though snowboarding is an individual sport, we can achieve more together. Support your teammates, celebrate their milestones and let’s find success as people and riders together.

  • Work Ethic - It’s fun to work hard for your goals, in both life and snowboarding, never give up and keep striving through working hard,

  • Trust - Trust in your teammates, your coaches and yourself. Be a person that others can trust,

  • Accountability - Through snowboarding, help the riders to make wise and smart decisions and for the riders to own those decisions.

  • Fun - There are so many great life lessons t be gained through snowboarding, but that does not mean the riders should not have a lot of fun learning these. Snowboarding is fun! Let’s share the passion of the sport with our team, coaches, and families.​

Basically, we want to create great people, using the kids' love of snowboarding to help parents and families to do this. Parents are as big a part of our program as the kids, and by us all working together, we can achieve great things.


Our coaching philosophies are:

  • Elite Foundation Skills - By building an elite foundation and freeriding skills an athlete can be successful in any discipline. Think of this as a foundation for a house. The stronger the foundation, the bigger, stronger and better the house will be. It will never collapse as you add more to it.

  • Environments for success - Surrounded by great riders, great coaches and great facilities we can produce an environment for success for each and every athlete.

  • The 4 P's - Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. We teach our kids how to be "professional" about their approach to snowboarding so they are organized and ready to progress each and every day.

  • Mental Skills - I like to teach our riders some mental skills to help with their riding. Visualization, pre-run routines, and performance trigger words. Being elite mentally is as important as being a great rider.

Our slogan is "Where passion meets progression" and I think that sums up our program pretty well. The coaches and I are fully invested in our riders. I treat them like family. I like to keep the coaching groups to 6 or under so that each and every rider gets the attention they deserve.




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