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Choosing Family Over Career

Choosing family over career and taking a gamble on yourself!

Today, my resignation from my career of the past 12 years became official. It was perhaps the hardest life and career decision I have ever had to make. One filled with a multitude of emotions: sadness, fear, excitement plus a host of others I am sure I will feel in the next few weeks.

As a quick background, I have been employed as Program Director for Snowboarding at the best company I have ever worked for. Great employers, sympathetic to my needs of being a single dad, and with a boss who has not only been a great mentor, but a true friend and role model as well. So, my employers, company and career were not the problem.

I have been lucky enough to be pretty successful. I had great staff to work with, and great athletes to train. Both have become like family. So, it’s not like I sucked at my job either.

I am the father of 10-year-old twins. The most remarkable kids. How the pair ended up with me as a dad I will never know, but I got lucky, and they are my life.

My ex-wife and I were faced with the problem of having kids not interested in snow sports at all. They are kids passionate about performing arts…ABSOLUTELY passionate. They love the warmth, they love the water, and they love to surf. They like the mountains, but they LOVE the coast. The mountains and a resort town just are not the best place for them.

My kids, and my ex have put up with me travelling for a LONG time. They have made sacrifices for my career. It’s time for me to give back…BIG TIME!

My divorce was a positive thing. It helped “center” me and was a great big slap in the face as to what was important: my kids!

Which is where I am today. Leaving an organization that is part of me, and taking a gamble for the happiness of my children.I have looked at jobs, spoken to employment agencies, looked at franchises, businesses for sale…. looked at all the options. But, nothing that would provide the flexibility to put my kids first in a place where we all want to live and prosper while still doing something I am good at and enjoy.

So, in partnership with one of my most trusted friends, we are starting our own company. It’s exciting…’s terrifying….and it’s in a field we are experts in….and it’s STILL terrifying!

BUT…... the risk of not seeing my kids grow up happy and passionate is just not something I am willing to see happen. To get them to an environment in which they thrive only gives me the motivation to gamble on myself, and to make it work. I just won’t fail, as that is just not an option.

There will be speed bumps, there will be doubts……but that’s OK……if it gives my kids the lifestyle they need, it will be worth it.

I have read SO much lately on the career vs family balance. I don’t think it’s a balance. Family comes first. Family is my passion. Find motivation and trust in yourself and don’t be scared to try…don’t be scared to dream… driven by the love of your kids. It will lead you to places that will allow you to rely on the person you live with 24/7: YOURSELF!

There is no guarantee of success, but, there is no guarantee of anything in life. Trust in yourself, stay determined and value your family… will be surprised what you find hidden inside you.

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